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IFMSA-NL organises professional and research exchanges in the Netherlands. It offers a national social programme for all incoming students.
Professional and Research Exchange in the Netherlands
IFMSA takes you all over the globe!

IFMSA-The Netherlands welcomes you to our beautiful country!

Many students from around the world have already experienced the Exchange Program of IFMSA-NL. You could either go on a professional exchange or on a research Exchange in one of our cities.

Are you interested in going on exchange to the Netherlands? We are happy to welcome you in the Netherlands! Here you can find information on the Netherlands in general, the Dutch exchange cities and an introduction into the national social programmes.

I'm going on exchange to...

Click on the Netherlands if you want to have some general information about our country and about the IFMSA Exchange Programs. Click on the city in which you will go on exchange for more practical information about your stay there. These pages contains, amongst other things, background information on the city, available departments and research projects, most important highlights and contact details of the local committee.

• The Netherlands
• Amsterdam UvA
• Groningen
• Leiden
• Nijmegen
• Rotterdam
• Utrecht

Why join the IFMSA-NL Exchange Program?

How to join the IFMSA-NL Exchange Program?

In order to participate in our exchange program, please contact the National and/or Local Exchange Officers of IFMSA in your own country to ask about your options. They will be able to tell you more about available months, selections procedures, documents needed, etc.

National Social Program

In the summer months IFMSA-NL organises about four National Social Programs (NSP). These are events where all IFMSA-exchange students present in the country could visit a specific city and take part in the social program there. The NSP will be organized during some weekends of July and August. More information about the specific NSP's can be found in the NSP-booklet. This booklet also contains more detailed information about sightseeing in different cities in the Netherlands.

Upcoming events

8th - 10th of July: National Social Program in Utrecht
15th - 17th of July: National Social Program in Amsterdam
12th-14th of August: National Social Program in Rotterdam
19th - 21st of August: National Social Program in Leiden