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Our projects focus on human rights and peace, sexual education, public health, medial education and European education and integration. More than 800 students work together on our projects.

Getting Involved

Did our projects catch your interest, do you want to participate or organize something or go abroad with our exchanges/internships? On every medical faculty in the Netherlands, a local committee of IFMSA-NL can be found. Just pop by their chamber and ask for the possibilities for you to get involved or contact them by using the adresses below.

• IFMSA-Groningen groningen@ifmsa.nl
• IFMSA-Leiden leiden@ifmsa.nl
• IFMSA-Maastricht maastricht@ifmsa.nl
• IFMSA-Nijmegen nijmegen@ifmsa.nl
• IFMSA-Rotterdam rotterdam@ifmsa.nl
• IFMSA-Utrecht utrecht@ifmsa.nl
• IFMSA-UvA (Amsterdam) uva@ifmsa.nl
• IFMSA-VUmc (Amsterdam) vumc@ifmsa.nl

You can also check out their local page on the Dutch part of this website under the heading 'Faculteiten'.