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International Federation on Medical Students' Association - the Netherlands
Kofi Annan, formary secretary-general of the UN, once wrote about IFMSA:“As Medical students committed to sharing your knowledge and skills internationally, you are a powerful source of hope for the future. I commend your determination to use your medical training to benefit all members of society.”

Global Health has become an important international issue in recent years. Thus challenging international healthcare to rise to the occasion. To meet this challenge head on IFMSA-NL organizes a wide variety of projects, congresses and internships to train future medical professionals in the problems of Global Health. IFMSA-NL is represented at all eight Dutch medical faculties and exists of 800 active member and is able to reach at least all 7200 medical Bachelor student in the Netherlands. IFMSA-NL offers students a platform to use, share and improve their knowledge and skills through projects and trainings.

IFMSA-NL is not just reaching out to medical professionals, but is also reaching into society by organizing (sexual) healthcare projects. It is our believe that a good understanding of (sexual) health and healthcare is of vital importance to everybody. IFMSA-NL is able to reach at least 8100 pupils, 5600 toddlers and many more.

IFMSA-NL is also active in the field of advocacy. This year we focus on the problem of the worldwide increase in obesity rates among adolescents. Our advocacy team is organizing a nationwide campaign to create awareness and is also cooperating with our national network to organize projects to reduce the rate of obesity among adolescents.

IFMSA-NL acknowledges the importance of cooperation. Not just nationwide, but also international. IFMSA-NL is a member of an international network of medical student’ associations with ties to more than a 100 countries. IFMSA-NL also has ties to the WHO, EU and UN.

Board 2018-2019

 Saifali Ahmed

 Elena Alam
  Vice President for
  Internal Affairs

 Rowen de Jong
  Vice President for
  External Affairs

 Hákon Hollander

 Donna Kooij
  Secretary General

 Valerie Tuin
  Vice President for
  Internalional Activities

  Vice President for
  PR and Marketing

 Vilya Nous
  Vice President for
  Projects and Activities


National Officers 2018-2019

  National Exchange
  Officer General

  National Exchange
  Officer on Incoming

 Sharon Gerth
  National Exchange
  Officer on Outgoing

  National Public
  health Officer

 Anne Galaurchi
  National Officer
  on human Rights
  and Peace

 Robin Schwalbach<
  National Officer on
  Sexual and
  Reproductive health
  including HIV/AIDS

 Jurrien Loosveld
  National Officer
  on Medical