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This is the English news page where you can find the latest news and updates on the association and reports from previous international meetings.

SCORP City Trip 2015

For the second time the SCORP City Trip (Standing Committee on Refugees and Peace) was organized on the 14th, 15th and 16th of October in Brussels, Belgium. Last year the SCORP City trip was set up for all the members of IFMSA-NL (International Federation for Medical Students’ Associations – The Netherlands). The purpose of this Trip was to encourage our volunteers to learn more about Human Rights, Refugees and the problems around the immigration of refugees and to learn more about the organisations who deal with these subjects.

A selected group of IFMSA-NL volunteers visited Brussels for three days. They visited the European Parliament and had discussions Dutch members of the European Parliament with a different political backgrounds. They had discussions about their visions on the large influx of refugees into European countries and about the possible solutions for the problems that are arising with these migrant flows. With another Dutch member of the European Parliament they discussed gender equality, the rights of women and the rights of Lesbian, Gay, Transgender en Bisexuals in Europe in particular.

During these three days, the participants also visited a number of UN organisations. On October 15th we had a meeting with one of the employees of the UN Development Programme (UNDP), who taught us more about MDG8 and the Sustainable Development Goals. On Friday we visited the United Nations Relief and Work Agency for Palestine refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), where we talked about the Palestine refugees in Syria en the current human development and humanitarian services for Palestine refugees provided by UNRWA. Lastly, we visited the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights Europe and one of our partner organisations, Doctors of the World.