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Our projects focus on human rights and peace, sexual education, public health, medial education and European education and integration. More than 800 students work together on our projects.

I AM Summer School

IFMSA-UvA is proud to present the third edition of the International Amsterdam Medical Summer School. We invite all (para-)medical students to join us in Amsterdam from 8-15 July 2018, where we will focus on the challenges a doctor faces when he sees himself confronted with a patient suffering from a rare disease.
To prepare the students they will study this subject from the view of different stakeholders, namely that of patients, researchers, pharmaceutical companies and international politics. The students will critically investigate the role these stakeholders play in the care for patients with a rare disease, but all the while they will be continuously challenged to analyse how the doctor as care manager and spider in the stakeholder’s web can guide and treat their patients.

I AM Summer School aims to only contain a small number of classical lectures. Participants are expected to fulfil an active role in which they will interact with all the different stakeholders and practice how to work with a patient suffering from a rare disease that possibly knows more about his condition than his physician. In this summer school students will master extensive theoretical knowledge and practical skills to direct their own roles as physicians of the future. There will also be an extensive social programme in which the participants will get to know each other and, of course, Amsterdam!

Get inspired together with (para-)medical students from all parts of the world. Develop skills that students aren't taught in classical curricula and get in touch with facets of the daily life of a doctor for which you will not be prepared in your regular studies. I AM Summer School offers its students an important step to becoming a 'complete doctor'.

Extensive information is offered in the information package, which can be found below. The organisation of I AM Summer School strongly recommends reading this prior to sending an application.

Important information
When? 8-15 July 2018
Where? Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Accomodation? The Student Hotel
Food and beverages? Breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as coffee and tea, are included.
Costs? Max. 560 euros
What to do? Read the invitation package!

Applications are accepted till March 10th. For more information on the procedure download our invitation package below. Want to stay in touch with us? Follow us on Facebook or e-mail us at: apply.iamsummerschool.uva@ifmsa.nl

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