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Our projects focus on human rights and peace, sexual education, public health, medial education and European education and integration. More than 800 students work together on our projects.

Pre-Departure Training

The pre-departure training (PDT) has been set up to prepare those medical students which are doing their clerkships abroad, for the cultural and ethical issues they might encounter.

Among countries do not exist differences in culture and legislation only, also norms and values might differ with those of The Netherlands. However, students are often not aware of these differences and might not know how to handle situations which involve ethical issues.

For this reason, we organize the pre-departure training at the beginning of the academical year for those students who are going to do a clerkship abroad. On the basis of lectures, workshops and casuistry, students will be notified of the current state of affairs. During the evening, the students will first get a general lecture. After this, the students will join certain workshops specifically related to the country or continent where they will go. After these workshops, the students will be given several cases which they will have to solve on the basis of the just gained knowledge. Then, these cases will be evaluated to also start a discussion among the students.
In the end, there will be an informal gathering in which the students can discuss even further what they have learned that day.

The PDT is still being set up, so the line-out of the training might still be changed.

For more information, send and email to scorce@ifmsa.nl