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Our projects focus on human rights and peace, sexual education, public health, medial education and European education and integration. More than 800 students work together on our projects.

Sudan Tropical Exchange Project

The Sudan Tropical Exchange Project is an internship focusing on tropical diseases. The program will consist of a 3-week scientific part, a 5-day medical mission to a rural area and a unique social program.

Scientific program

Since medicine is becoming more and more internationally oriented and tropical diseases are spreading fast due to the influences of tourism, migration and war related issues, it is important for medical students worldwide to be educated on tropical diseases and clinical syndromes not regularly found in their home country. With STEP, the standing committee for research exchange (SCORE) from MedSIN Sudan wants to provide enthusiastic medical students with the opportunity to realize this goal. In the scientific program, lectures and clinical live cases will allow students to elaborate on the pathological and scientific features of tropical diseases endemic in Sudan and other parts of Africa. Diseases under focus will be malaria, TBC, leishmaniasis, schistosomiasis, typhoid fever, echinococcosis, rheumatic fever and mycetoma.

Medical mission

During the final week of the scientific program, students will travel to a rural area and spend a total of 5 days in temporary mission hospitals. These small medical facilities will exist of a male and female health clinic, a laboratory and a small pharmacy set up in local (school) buildings. International and Sudanese students will work together to provide the village people living in these areas with free medical consultations, lab investigations and medication. Furthermore, health education will be given in order to change the wrong health believes that are still existent in the countryside. This mission is a truly unique experience and will give participating students an idea of the possibilities and limitations of working in a tropical area, with limited medical supplies and facilities.

Social program

Besides the scientific program and the medical mission, this internship will provide students with an experience in cultural differences on health care and society. Sudan is a country where conflicts were the norm for a very long time, where radical changes in politics have taken place and where the separation between the south and the north is still ever present. Students participating in STEP will experience and learn from a completely different society in various ways. The social program will offer students the opportunity to get acquainted with the Sudanese culture and visit places of interest in and around Khartoum.

Practical information

The next STEP will take place from the 1st of September until the 30th of September 2018. The costs for STEP will be €650,-. This does not include the registration fee of €85,-. For an extra €60,- you can book an optional 5-day post-STEP tour. The fees are included accommodation and two meals per day and the social and scientific program and medical mission. Students from the third year that finished at least one internship can apply. The application deadline is the 30th of May 2018. You can find the application form and application procedure here: www.step-ifmsa.org>. Please send the forms to registration@step-ifmsa.org and step@ifmsa.nl

For more information please send an email to step@ifmsa.nl.