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Our projects focus on human rights and peace, sexual education, public health, medial education and European education and integration. More than 800 students work together on our projects.

Summerschool on Global Health

IFMSA-Groningen organizes the annual Summer School on Global Health. The 12th edition of this event will be held in the city of Groningen from 2 july to 11 july. This summer school offers a wide program of educative, social and cultural activities. The educative program is based on the five pillars surrounding Global Health; Access and Right to Health, Infectious Diseases, Health and Economics,Non-Communicable Diseases and Reproductive and Child Health.

Participate in fun and active workshops, share your own expertise and experience and discuss topics regarding Global Health with people from all over the globe. This is the perfect opportunity to widen your own knowledge on Global Health, take part in a lot of social and cultural workshops and meet a lot of people from all over the world.

Do you want to participate? Enroll before the 15th of March 2018! Or make use of the Early bird! Accessible from the 15th of January till the 15th of Februari. For updates on the Summer School you can visit www.sshg-groningen.com.

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For more information please send an email to ssgh.groningen@ifmsa.nl.