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With National Member Organizations in more than 100 countries all around the world and close collaboration with international health organizations, IFMSA offers many international opportunities. On this page you can find more information on international meetings, summer schools and congresses.
International opportunities for IFMSA-NL members

Upcoming events

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Upcoming events

Challenges of Global Health Summer School

Location: Utrecht, Nederland
Date: 3 July - 7 July
Costs: 750 Euro (550 without housing)
Application deadline: 19th June
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This one-week course introduces participants to major public health challenges in low- and middle-income countries. It provides an introduction to the public health importance, aetiology, risk factors, and epidemiology of chronic non-communicable diseases, while underscoring the intersection between communicable and non-communicable disease. Participants will learn about health threats and policy initiatives for international prevention and control of disease in the context of critical challenges such as the impact of globalization and the role of environmental changes. The main aim of the course is to enhance knowledge and understanding of current challenges in global health with a particular focus on chronic non-communicable diseases.

Target group: Postgraduate students and and professionals in medicine, public health, social sciences, or related disciplines with knowledge of epidemiology and public health and an interest in global health.

Reproductive and Maternal Health: a Global Perspective

Location: Utrecht, Nederland
Date: 10 July - 14 July
Costs: 950 Euro (750 without housing)
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How can we reduce maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality? What is the role of reproductive health services such as contraceptives, safe abortion and infertility treatment? How do societal factors affect women's health outcomes, including social determinants, gender dynamics and human rights? What is the impact of cervical cancers on the health of women of reproductive age around the world? What interventions work, and how do national and international policies impact outcomes? How do the Sustainable Development Goals relate to maternal and reproductive health issues?

This course aims to:
- Introduce participants to key challenges in reproductive and maternal health globally.
- Provide a comprehensive overview of strategies to improve reproductive and maternal health outcomes.
- Discuss the role of the Sustainable Development Goals, social determinants, gender dynamics, human rights and policy to improve reproductive and maternal health outcomes.

Target group: Master's level students (Medical/global health/public health/biomedical sciences/), medical doctors and health researchers with an interest in women's health in a global context.

Barcelona Global Health Summer School 2017

Location: Barcelona, Spanje
Date: 16 July - 21 July
Costs: 225 euros (10% discount for IFMSA members)
Application deadline: first come, first serve
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The Organising Committee would like to invite you to the Barcelona Global Health Summer School 2017 "Innovation, Access and Health" that will take place from the 16th to the 21st July 2017 in Barcelona, Catalonia – Spain.
The World Health Organisation considers equitable access to effective, safe and affordable drugs, diagnostic devices and preventive tools such as vaccines as vital to the attainment of the highest possible standard of health by all, i.e.: the right to health. Furthermore, access to treatment is a cornerstone of Universal Health Coverage, without which households risk to be impoverished when facing catastrophic health-related expenditures.

Despite that, large parts of the world population do not have access to the tools that will prevent them from being ill, or progress in their diseases, or even die. This could be because either the quality medicines they need exist but are not affordable or accessible to them, or because the disease they experiment has no treatment as it has been neglected by the current research & development model.

The Barcelona Global Health Summer School 2017 will gather key experts in the field to address the causes, contexts, and consequences of the inequitable access to medicines and what to do about it.

This course is addressed to students and young professionals studying and working in health-related fields to provide a broad understanding of the complex issue that is access to medicines, from drug development in university labs to prescribing a medicine, exploring the role of different actors, the impact of intellectual property, the need of political will and the genesis of advocacy and activist movements.
Applications meeting the required profile are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis until maximum number of participants is reached. Candidates will be notified of acceptance by email. Interested candidates should apply using the online application form.

Refugee Camp Project Palestine 2017

Location: Bethlehem, Israël
Date: 1 August - 28 August
Costs: all accommodation and travel expenses are covered
Application deadline: 20th of March
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Are you interested in learning about healthcare in low-resource or conflict settings? Would you want to know more about the history and realities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? Do you want to spend your summer gaining a life-changing experience?
We proudly present to you RECAP 2017!

Eligibility: Medical students entering their third year of study and above.

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