Dutch health sector mobilises for ambitious climate policy at the Climate March 2021

Climate change is the greatest health threat of our century; it exacerbates health inequalities in the Netherlands and worldwide. Recently, The Lancet Countdown published their renowned report on climate and health. The report is alarming, states a 'code red' for a healthy future and emphasises the growing health inequalities. That is why IFMSA-NL and the Groene Zorg Alliantie ("Green Care Alliance") are organising the 'linkedin.comhealth and care block' of the Climate March on 6th of November 2021, where doctors and other (future) care professionals will mobilise. More than 190 people have already signed up for this health and care block, and various organisations, such as the Erasmus MC, the VU Athena Institute, Milieuplatform Zorgsector (" Environmental Platform for the Health Sector"), the KIT Royal Tropical Institute , the Geneeskundestudent ("Medical Student") and the Jonge Specialist ("Young Specialist") have expressed their support. Those present and supporting organisations want to draw attention to the major health threats associated with the climate catastrophe and the health opportunities offered by an ambitious climate policy. They call for limiting climate change to no more than 1.5 degrees Celsius in order to mitigate health impacts, putting health and equity at the heart of climate policy, initiating a healthy and sustainable recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, and achieving additional targets listed in the WHO-supported Healthy Climate Letter: https://healthyclimateletter.net.

If you would like further information on this event, please contact the organisers at act4health@ifmsa.nl