Our goals

Internationalization brings Global Health closer to home. Borders mean less and less, health care is met with new challenges. From 1980 onwards, IFMSA-NL has been the defining international platform for medical and other studens in the Netherlands for creating initiatives focussing on awareness of and improvements in Global Health in our society, as well as personal development for future professional in and around health care. We provide students with early experience with Global Health through projects, meetings and international exchanges. IFMSA-NL is present in all eight universities with medical faculties in the Netherlands. With around a 1000 student volunteers, we reach over 7000 students yearly. We enable our volunteers and others to use, share and improve upon their knowledge and skills for the greater good.

Our vision

IFMSA-NL strives to unite all medically involved students to further Global Health, and hand them the necessary values, knowledge and skills to do so, within health care and society as a whole, now and in the future.

Our mission

IFMSA-NL is a platform for medically involved students in the Netherlands, and unites them in local, national and international activities, all which impact society, encourage personal development and contribute to various aspects of Global Health.


  • IFMSA-NL strives for greater awareness and improvement of Global Health.
  • IFMSA-NL encourages students to increase their involvement with society.
  • IFMSA-NL wants equal opportunities for everyone; Anywhere on earth, now and in the future.
  • IFMSA-NL emphasizes the importance of the 2030 agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • IFMSA-NL stands for emancipating and connecting (para)medical students worldwide.
  • IFMSA-NL wants to develop student's skills in medical leadership.

Medical Education

  • IFMSA-NL encourages students to maintain a critical view towards the medical curriculum.
  • IFMSA-NL strives to shed light on underexposed themes and ethical aspects of health care and the surrounding systems.
  • IFMSA-NL strives for optimal possibilities for the education and development of (para)medical students.
  • IFMSA-NL is of the opinion that, due to increased globalization, international experiences are important for the education of (para) medical students.
  • IFMSA-NL is of the opinion that education surround Global Health and internationalization in the broadest sense is crucial for the education of (para) medical students.
  • IFMSA-NL strives for further development of the medical curriculum, so students can develop themselves into broadly education professionals in healthcare.

Human Rights

  • IFMSA-NL is committed to the upholding of the universal human rights.
  • IFMSA-NL wants equal access to healthcare for every human being, regardless of sexual preferences, gender identity, sex, religion, ethnicity, or any other factors.
  • IFMSA-NL encourages awareness regarding the connection between human rights, health and quality of life.
  • IFMSA-NL demands the humane and dignified treatment of refugees.
  • IFMSA-NL wants a worlds without violence.

Mental health

  • IFMSA-NL commits to provide insight in and knowledge of mental health problems and the people experiencing these, remove stigmas surrounding them and reduce misconceptions about these issues.
  • IFMSA-NL commits to providing awareness about mental health.
  • IFMSA-NL wants to improve knowledge and reduce stigma surrounding mental health among current and future professionals in health and health care.
  • IFMSA-NL wants to improve the mental health of current and future professionals in health and health care.

Climate change and health

  • IFMSA-NL recognizes climate change as one of the major threats to health worldwide in the 21st century, and sees measures to counteract this as an opportunity for improving global health.
  • IFMSA-NL recognizes the need for immediate sustainable measures to mitigate and adapt to climate change on local, national and global levels, to protect public health and maintain our advances in acces to health care and fighting infectious diseases.
  • IFMSA-NL strives to improve knowledge and awareness of climate change and the threats to public health, and to take action to limit the consequences.
  • IFMSA-NL emphasizes the importance of 'leading by example', recognizes this and strives to work as sustainable as possible.

Public health

  • IFMSA-NL strives to make people aware of their own role in public health.
  • IFMSA-NL strives towards greater awareness of the effects of healthy choices in lifestyle, and wants to encourage making the right choices.
  • IFMSA-NL wants to provide knowledge about organ- and tissue donation and the (medical) procedures surrounding this, to create awareness about the importance of making a choice and registering this choice in the Donor Register.
  • IFMSA-NL commits to informing the Dutch population about the importance of and procedures surrounding donation of stemcells, in order to increase the ammount of registrated donors in the register of 'Bone Marrow Donors Worldwide'.
  • IFMSA-NL strives to increase knowledge about blood- and plasma donation and the (medical) procedures surrounding this, in order to increase awareness about the importance of donating and increase the amount of donors.
  • IFMSA-NL believes urgent action is needed to ensure the efficacy of antimicrobial therapies for future generations. IFMSA-NL holds the opinion that a major step in the right direction has been taken with the 'Global action plan on antimicrobial resistance' of the World Health Organization.
  • IFMSA-NL is firmly against the tobacco industry, and supports initiatives that strive to make the public aware of the health risks smoking poses and strive towards a future without smoking.
  • IFMSA-NL strives to educate the public about vaccinations and the importance thereof in maintaining herd immunity. IFMSA-NL wants to provide medical students with tools and knowledge for talking with opponents of vaccination efforts.

Sexual and reproductive health and rights

  • IFMSA-NL strives towards a world where everybody has the chance to speak up about their rights regarding their sexuality and sexual health, free from stigmas and discrimination.
  • IFMSA-NL is committed to beter sexual and reproductive health, and recognizes good sexual and relational education as an essential tool to improve this.
  • IFMSA-NL is committed to good relational and sexual education for the youth, in which personal growth and sexual development are viewed from a broader perspective, with emphasis on positive experiences, equal and respectful relationships and learning to make well-considered choices as an individual.
  • IFMSA-NL recognizes diversity in sexual orientations, gender identities, gender expressions and sex characteristics, and strives towards normalizing this diversity and improving emancipation of people who are limited in their rights or experience stigma and discrimination because of who they are.
  • IFMSA-NL recognizes the threat HIV still poses in the Netherlands and emphasizes the need for more awareness of the UNAIDS goal to globally eradicate HIV and AIDS in 2030. IFMSA-NL deems access to therapies like PrEP to be essential in achieving this.
  • IFMSA-NL recognizes the variety of problems refugees experience with regards to sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and the additional problems lack of knowledge on these topics and the Dutch health system can cause.
  • IFMSA-NL holds the opinion that the education of future professionals in and surrounding health care in regards to sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) of refugees specifically is inadequate.