Practice makes perfect. As organisation, we're supported by our own trainings division TraiNL. Enthusiastic trainers bring out the best in our volunteers and officials, by helping them develop the skills and knowledge they need.


Effective trainings can never be one size fits all. That's why we deliver trainings made to measure. We shape the contents and character of our programme based on existing knowledge, experience and wishes of the participants - the chief concern of the applicant is key in this process.


As a large organisation with a range of different projects and possibilities, we are able to educate a diverse group of trainers with experience in a variety of different subjects. This enables us to provide a wide range of different traings, like among others:

  • Leadership
  • Project management
  • External representation
  • Goal setting
  • Group dynamics
  • Expectation management
  • Feedback and evaluation
  • Medical Ethics

Most are possible in both Dutch and English.

Training weekend

We provide trainings throughout the year, but for our volunteers one weekend takes the spotlight: the training weekend. Over a hundred volunteers participate in a two day programme of intensive trainings to hone their skills, alternated with social activities and relaxation.

External possibilities

Besides our trainings in house, we provide training to third parties as well; Multiple companies, foundations and youth organisations have already received training by us.

Interested? Feel free to contact us for more information.


We frequently collaborate with different (international) organisations, to broaden our views and enable us to provide the best trainings possible:

  • EMSA
  • Zero Generation
  • Youth Trainers Academy