Health across Cultures

Health across Cultures

As we are formed into medical professionals, we learn to reflect on our own local and national health, healthcare, illnesses and other health(care) related topics. However, this is leaving out (interesting) influences that (only) occur in other environments/other countries that have a worldwide impact. To enrich our students’ knowledge with ongoing “hot topic”-healthcare issues, we want to provide educational online lectures with experts, to teach, reflect and discuss such topics.

Target group: Future health(care) professionals from across the world; most notably future health(care) professionals from the Netherlands.


  • Introduce students to health(care) in other countries
  • Let medical students/professionals reflect on health(care) in other countries
  • Learn about stigmas, rules and customs of, and environmental influence on healthcare in different countries

Interested in participating, or do you think you can contribute? Feel free to contact us at!