IFMSA-Maastricht focuses on the projects mentioned on this page, professional development of volunteers and a close collaboration with social partners in the region and the Maastricht UMC.

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We organize the following projects:


Kylie Kmita, President

Kylie Kmita

Iris Ahrens, Treasurer

Iris Ahrens

Marit Delnoij, Secretary

Marit Delnoij

Imke Lamers, Vice President of Internal Affairs

Imke Lamers
Vice President of Internal Affairs

Merlijn Konings, Vice President of External Affairs

Merlijn Konings
Vice President of External Affairs

Eva Gofers, Local Officer EMSA

Eva Gofers
Local Officer EMSA

Patricia Posea, Local Officer SCOME

Patricia Posea
Local Officer SCOME

Diyora Rakhimova, Local Officer SCORP

Diyora Rakhimova
Local Officer SCORP

Yoni Van Der Linden, Local Officer SCORA

Yoni Van Der Linden
Local Officer SCORA

Naisha Lalwani, Local Officer SCOPH

Naisha Lalwani
Local Officer SCOPH

Shukeea Alberto, Local Officer PR

Shukeea Alberto
Local Officer PR